The Power of Together

It’s doubtful we would even know the name CS Lewis without JRR Tolkien and the Inklings. These men met regularly at The Eagle and Child, a pub near the campus of Oxford University, to talk about life, theology, and their developing writing projects. Some of the greatest literature of the 20th Century was birthed from the conversations…

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OneHope Missions Roundtable

The Stone Table was honored to be included for the 3rd time in a vibrant roundtable convened by our friends at OneHope. Pastors, businessmen, and ecumenical leaders from 12 countries on every inhabitable content gathered just outside of Geneva for two days of powerful dialog and brainstorming. What trends are we seeing around the globe and…


The Stone Table: Maximize Your Dollars

In August 2015, four pastors and 6 businessmen traveled to East Africa and the Arab World. We wanted to give The Stone Table a trial run of sorts. What could we do for missions if we worked together? The experiment was simple enough: The Stone Table committed $175,000 in matching funds from its partner business, Community…


The Stone Table: Leverage Your Work

have incredible childhood memories of church camp. Some of my most formative spiritual experiences happened in an old airplane hanger turned sanctuary in rural Indiana. I’m grateful for them all. Even one that created a bit of an unintentional dichotomy for me. Maybe you can relate.


When Jesus Messes Up Your Missions Work

Let’s face it, it’s much easier to leave Jesus out of missions. He gums up the works. Messes things up. Makes them awkward. I’m part of an organization that mobilizes business for missions work around the world. It’s an awesome company, doing awesome work, both here and abroad. But I’ve noticed something interesting: When I share…


Does Your Secular Job Make You Feel Like a Second-Class Christian

hen I was growing up, there were two major life paths we discussed within the context of our youth group and church culture (that is, when we weren’t debating the spiritual impact of Amy Grant’s crossover albums or whether movie-going became sinful at PG-13 or R). The conversation usually went something like this:

“Have you been called into full-time ministry, or are you going into the secular world?”